I need your help!

I got some teaser pics from our family session a couple weekends ago with Lauren Alexis Photography, so I decided to design our christmas card for this year! Some of the pics may change once we get the DVD of all of the photographs but I wanted to get ahead of the game a little bit! 
I designed two different christmas card options... but I can't decide which one to use.  They both have the same design concept but one is a single-sided design and the other is a front/back design. My husband likes the single sided one, but I think I prefer the double sided design.

So I need your help!  :o)

I have posted a poll in my sidebar ---------------->

Please vote and tell me which one you think I should use this year!


Single-Sided Design

Front/Back Design





  1. I of course am the only one to vote for the single sided one -- reason -- for the recipients like me, I like to hang the card for the rest of the year and it's hard to hang a double sided one and have all the pictures up. :o)

    But I do like both of them.

  2. Erin likes the red....I can't vote again. :o)


I'd love to hear from you!! :o)