Hannah's Birthday Present

We have finally decided what we are getting Hannah for her birthday! :o) 

We decided to go with the Pottery Barn Hybrid My First Anywhere Chair

We were throwing around the idea of a riding toy, or a more hands on toy but then we thoughts maybe it was better to avoid toys for her birthday. She'll most likely get toys from other people.  And the chair she will use for longer than, oh, a month.  It will grow with her until she's three. Then we can pass it on to her sibling and just get a new slipcover because Hannah will be ready for the larger chair by then.

Plus... how cute is it going to be to have her sit in her new chair and 'open' her presents.  :oP
We're going to get the light pink like the picture above, and we're also going to get her name embroidered on it. :o) I'm so excited to see it in person!

24 days and counting...


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  1. SO cute! What a great idea too. I love that they have replaceable slipcovers so it can be passed on.


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