1 Year Stats

We took Colson in for his 1 year well-baby visit yesterday.

The short of it: Our little man is still little.

Here are his stats:

Weight—19 lbs 8 ounces
+1 lb from his 10 month appointment

+2.7 lbs from his 6 month appointment
8th percentile

Height—28 inches
+1 inch from his 10 month appointment

+2.5 inches from his 6 month appointment
5th percentile

Head Circumference—46 cm
(+0.5 cm)
40th percentile

He hasn't grown all that much but the pediatrician said that since he is so active, eats well, and is not acting sick that there is really no reason to do blood work or x-rays. She said he most likely just has a really high metabolism.

The pediatrician also said that if I would like to bring him in for a few weight checks between now and his 15 month appointment in May, that I could. That way we get some more dots on his growth chart. So I will most likely do that at least once--around mid March.

What is Colson up to???

He is still rocking 9 months pants and tops but I have moved into some 12 month tops because they are there. The 12 months pants are still huge on him so who knows when he'll get to wear them??? Probably July! :o/ He does wear 12 month sleepers though.

He is still in size 3 diapers.

He has 6.25 teeth. :oP The 7th tooth (third one on the bottom) just broke through a couple days ago.

He is cruising all around the furniture but still will not let go to take steps on his own. He'll crawl to get across the room.

He loves pancakes, waffles, cereal bars, yogurt, cheese, bananas, apples, peaches, pears, green beans, peas, corn, pasta, macaroni and cheese, carrots... pretty much anything we give him he will eat. Now that he can have peanut butter, I'm sure a pb&j is in his near future.

We have switched over to milk and he has done fine with it. He takes all of his milk from straw sippy cups. We are officially bottle free!

He had his first taste of cake and frosting on his birthday. We gave him a cupcake to smash and he loved every bit of it! (photos to come!) The big smash cake is tomorrow though! :o) Fun times!

He is starting to play on his own now. He will sit and play with a toy for longer periods of time before he comes back and acknowledges me, his sissy or daddy. 

He is still sleeping all night...usually 8-8 or 8-9. And he is still taking two naps...the first usually from 11-12:30 and the second usually from 3-5.

I still cannot believe he is one year old! He is acting more and more like a big boy and this mommy is not liking it very much! :o(  Baby #3??? Ummm, yes please!

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