Toddle Along Tuesday—Nurseries

This weeks Toddle Along Tuesday is all about nurseries.

When Hannah was born we were still building our current house. We were living in Nick's grandma's house (who was in Florida for the winter), so when Hannah was born she did not have her own room. She slept in the cradle in our room.

So once our house was far enough to start decorating, Hannah's room was one of the first that I wanted to tackle.

Here are some photos from before we moved in.
I loved the muted colors of her bedding and based the feature wall off of those colors.
still in need of closet doors.
We found these adorable wall butterflies for her room and I love them.
Not pictured is her bookshelf, all of her hair bows hanging from a letter 'H', and her cubicle furniture piece filled with toys. I am really lacking in the detailed picture department. :o(

3 years later and her room is mostly the same...her crib has just been converted to a day bed and add tons more toys. :oP

I am currently in the process of designing her 'big girl' room though and I am excited to start working on it.

With Colson's room we had to convert our office/spare bedroom. Here is what it looked right before we moved in. Any photos from later on are all too embarrassingly messy to show you! :oP
Here is his room after I repainted the walls. I am in love with this brown wall color. If I wasn't too lazy I would go find the name of it, but alas, I remain in my seat and the paint color remains nameless. Sorry!
This photo was taken before I managed to put the shelf above his changing table. But now there is a shelf with some photos and stuffed animals.

The colored rectangles on the wall are just fabric covered pieces of foam core. Super easy and I love how it turned out.
Not pictured is his dresser with 'COLSON' spelled out above it in wooden plaque letters.

We have since moved the glider into the living room to act as an actual piece of furniture. Sadly, I don't use it much anymore to rock him so we figured it would be used more if it was in the living room.

He also got 2 of these for his birthday and they flank either side of his crib. They house his toys and books.

So there you have it! Our kiddos nurseries. :o)

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  1. I love those book shelves!! We have one in our living room!


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