Well, I only got three questions. I'm a little sad, but I want to say thank you to those few that did ask me something. :o)

Here we go:

I remember when you were pregnant with Colson, the name you originally picked was Greyson/Grayson. Then you changed it to Colson. I had never heard that name before you used it and I was wondering where you got it from. Since you had him Im seeing it more online and I kinda think to myself "gah everybody is stealing her name!" LOL!! So anyway...whered you get the name Colson?

It was a name that I saw when browsing through some blogs. It caught my eye and I kept it in the back of my head because I had never heard that name before either. I mentioned the name to my husband before we knew we were having a boy and he immediately said no to the name. After stressing out about our first name choice of Grayson, we decided that we needed to change our name choice and I once again mentioned Colson to my husband. I had looked up the meaning and it meant "son of Nicholas". After a few days he finally agreed that Colson was to be the name of our son. :o) 

Do you sometimes miss going to work?

No, I do not miss going to work. I do not miss leaving my babies (and my home) to go into an office to work. I do sometimes miss being able to create and work on all of the cool things that I used to  (brochures, websites, posters, billboards, menus, postcards, etc.) but I still do stationary design work (invitations, programs, guestbooks, etc.) from my home through my own company. When I have that to work on, it gives me my fix! It is great to have the flexibility to work and design when I need/want to and not have to go somewhere everyday. :o) I consider myself to be super lucky to be able to stay at home with my kids and I know I don't thank my husband enough for such a great gift! 

How do you come up with your birthday party ideas?

For Hannah's most recent birthday party, Pinterest was where I got most of my ideas. I joke about wanting to re-do my wedding now that there is Pinterest because I have found so many great ideas that I would have incorporated.
Before Pinterest I had a couple go-to blogs for ideas.
Hostess with the Mostess
Celebrations at Home
After Pinterest, the list is crazy long of great blogs and I really need to update my blogroll with some of the ones I have come across. But seriously, Pinterest is the greatest thing ever! I am already pinning things for Colson's first birthday party. :o)

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  1. Very cool, THANKS!!!! Leigh-Ann :)

  2. We changed our minds too at 30 weeks with Emily. She was originally an Alexandra and we were going to call her Lexie. Then the thoughts of Sexy Lexie in school haunted us, so we changed it.

    P.S. I love Colson :)


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