Bear With Me!

Wow! It's been a while since my last post. Sorry about that but things have been a little busy around here.

Here is what our schedule looked like the past few weeks:

Oct 31 — Halloween
Nov 3-5 — Sara and Mackenzie came to visit
Nov 5-6 — Mandi and Alayna's Bachelorette Party in Chicago
Nov 11 — Mandi and Travis's rehearsal
Nov 12 — Mandi and Travis's BIG day
Nov 14-16 — Indy with parents for Thanksgiving with sister and BIL
Nov 19 — Alayna and Rodney's BIG day

And here is what is coming up:

Nov 24 — Thanksgiving (I'm hosting)
Nov 25 — cutting down our Christmas Tree
Nov 27 — Thanksgiving (mom's side)
Nov 29 — doctor's appointments for both kiddos
Dec 3 — Indy Zoo with the McFall's
Dec 10 — Christmas (mom's side)
Dec 17 — Christmas (dad's side)
Dec 24 — Christmas Eve
Dec 25 — Christmas Day (Nick's parents house in the afternoon. My parents house in the evening.)

Somewhere in there I want to get Christmas photos taken of the  kiddos. Plus we still have to do our Christmas shopping.

I feel like my house is starting to swallow me up. I am so behind on cleaning and doing laundry. I have to go grocery shopping still for Thanksgiving dinner... in 3 days! Ah!

But the past few weeks have been a lot of fun! I gained 2 new BILs and my kiddos got 2 new uncles--although we considered them both for a long long time! :o) My SIL's days were beautiful and perfect and I was so honored to be a part of them.

I promise that more blog posts are to come! Please, bear with me loyal readers! :o)

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