Happy 9 Months, Colson!

My not-so-much-of-a-baby boy is 9 months old today.
 How in the world is he 9 months old already!? Didn't I just give birth to him???

With the holidays quickly approaching, we will be celebrating his 1st birthday in no time. I just hope that it's not the last 1st birthday we ever celebrate in this house. Baby fever, anyone? Yeah, me!
*big cheesy grin*
Love you, Nick!
Anyways, what is Mr. Man up to these days???

—in 6-9 month and 9 month clothes
—wears size 3 diapers
—has 4 teeth and I'm pretty sure I can see #5 and #6 making their way down. Yikes!
—has started army crawling. Save me!
—loves every kind of food. We started the stage 3 foods a few days ago ( mommy refuses to puree chicken, etc. Gross) and he love his spaghetti and chicken and veggies!
—is doing really well with chewing.
—still only says dada. Whenever I try to get him to say mama he just looks at me very seriously and blurts out DADA! Urgh!
—is really loving toys right now. The colors, the sounds. He inspects everything--a lot of times with his mouth. :oP

Colson's 9 month appointment isn't until November 29th so we have a ways to go before we get his stats. He's pretty true to the clothing sizes though so I'm sure he is on track with the norm, weight and length-wise. :o)

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