Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a busy one and I need to catch-up! I will do a little recap of my weekend and then I am off to get things done.

My bestie came to stay for a couple days (Thursday-Saturday), which was super nice. I'm so glad that I will be able to see her more, now that she lives only 2.5 hours away instead of 6. Colson and Mackenzie enjoyed 'playing' together. And we were even able to get out of the house without the kids, thanks to my mom! She watched all three of them while we went out to the outlet mall.

Saturday was the bachelorette party for my two SILs. We headed up to Chicago and partied at LuxBar. I had a blast and so did the brides-to-be! I didn't take my camera so no pictures--unless I get tagged in some funny ones on Facebook. Man, do I have some funny stories that I could share though! :oP  Then the following day we got breakfast and hit up H & M. I so wish we had one of those closer to home! But we were home by 3 on Sunday and the remainder of the day was spent relaxing. 4 hours of sleep just does not cut it!

So, it was a busy weekend but it was a pretty darn awesome weekend!

And every weekend, from now until the end of the year, we have something planned so the remainder of this year is going to fly by! I'll have to do a separate blog post about our upcoming weekends. I'm tired just thinking about it all!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I'm off to tackle my to-do list! The house is a mess. I have to finish my SIL's wedding place cards. I have to hem Colson's tux. I have to get fitted (again) for my dress--losing weight is good until you have to fit into a dress that you were fitted for almost 2 months ago. And I have to play major catch-up with the laundry--we're having a love/hate relationship right now.

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  1. I love these pictures!! Especially of the one Mackenzie pushing away Colson's arm since he is trying to get her toy.


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