Q & A

I will be missing in action until next week (my bestie will be here for a few days and then it's bachelorette party fun with the SIL) so I thought it might be fun to start a Q & A session.

I have never done one of these before so I'm really hoping my loyal readers participate. It will make for a very boring 'answer' post if only one person asks me a question! Plus, I'll feel pretty lame if no one asks me anything. :o(

But over the next few days, feel free to leave me a comment on this post asking me whatever you wish! Then, when I return on Monday, I will post an entry answering all of your questions.

I hope this brings some of my lurkers out of the woodworks, and i hope it gives you answers to some things what you have been wondering about. :o)

So...please, ask away!


  1. Hi! Ill ask a question...I remember when you were pregnant with Colson, the name you originally picked was Greyson/Grayson. Then you changed it to Colson. I had never heard that name before you used it and I was wondering where you got it from. Since you had him Im seeing it more online and I kinda think to myself "gah everybody is stealing her name!" LOL!! So anyway...whered you get the name Colson? Leigh-Ann

  2. Hey Jen, I could ask you a ton of questions... but I'll stick to one here ;o)

    Do you sometimes miss going to work?

  3. Who's your bestie?? No you don't have to answer that one.... :o)

    But here's one....

    How do you come up with your birthday party ideas?

  4. Aww, man... I feel bad that I missed out on this. I've been busy. I would have asked a question. :)

  5. Hi i know it's soooo late but I have another question. Which is not new but I kept forgetting to ask.
    So, what I learned from your blog and from some other "US-blogs" is that when there is a birthda at the beginning of the week, the birthda party will be the weekend BEFORE that actual birthday. Am I right that this is a common thing over there? I am just wondering because in Germansy you would never throw a party or say happy birthday before the birthday has come as it is considered to bring bad luck. Even if you start celebrating the evening before your birthday is, you will not be said happy birthday until midnight.
    Please tell me about it. I'm curious :-)
    Ps: sorry for mistakes. My phone wouldn't let me correct them. Don't get it why...


I'd love to hear from you!! :o)