December? Already?

Holy crap it's December. I can't believe it. Christmas is 23 days away. I have so much shopping to do for gifts that it hurts my brain to think about it. And that is pretty sad because I love to shop. But I will get it all finished. I ordered more gifts online today so I can cross a couple more people off my list.  Maybe Nick will want to go to Toys R Us tonight to get Hannahs gifts. I refuse to go to that store on the weekend because it will be a mad house. We're not sure what we are getting her but it won't be anything that is to extreme. She is only 1 so she doesn't need that many more toys than she already has. So we'll see. I'm sure I'll do a separate post about what we get her.

We're also getting our christmas tree this weekend!  YAY! Not sure where we're going to cut one down at but pictures will be taken no matter what, so don't worry! I'm excited because this is the first time we will cut down a tree with Hannah. I'm sure she won't have any idea what is going on but it is the start of a tradition with her that I will look forward to every year! :o)

We took Hannah to get some christmas pictures taken the other day.  Here are my 2 favorites!

In other news, my computer did in fact get zapped. Disk Warrior was able to repair enough of it to pull off every little last thing that I had on my computer... including our christmas card design that was living on my desktop at the time! :oP I am doing a complete re-install of everything... so it will kind of be like getting a new computer. Plus I am finally going to set up Time Machine so it will back up ALL of my computer every hour! I'm such a procrastinator and it almost got me in trouble this time. I am still using my husband's PC (ugh) so bare with me. I'm hoping to have my computer up and running by this weekend because I've got some work to do for people. (money!)  Plus I need to order those christmas cards! :o)



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