Christmas #3, 4 and 5

Wow! I am behind in my blog posting! So to catch up, I am going to do one long post about our 3 other Christmases. But I'll try to keep the 'blabbing' to a minimum!  :oP

Christmas #3--Christmas Morning, Our House

Christmas Day sure did sneak up on me. And now I can't believe it is over. *tear* But it was a great morning! The look on Hannah's face as she ripped the paper off to get to her gifts was priceless. She got so excited every time we handed her a new gift. It really made Christmas so much more enjoyable knowing Hannah was truly excited to open her gifts and to find out what she had gotten.

Christmas #4--Christmas Night, My Parent's House

After a nice relaxing Christmas morning we were off to my parents house for dinner and more gifts from Santa. My sister and brother-in-law traveled up from Indy which was nice. We had a nice prime rib dinner with cheesecake for dessert!  Yummy! And before we all feel asleep we managed to open up our gifts. :o)

Christmas #5--Day After Christmas, Nick's Parent's House

The day after Christmas we headed to Nick's parent's house for dinner and even more gifts. By this time Hannah already had a mini community of Little People...but after Nick's parents she had a full blown Little people community--over 50 Little People figures!

All of Nick's sister were there which was great...the first time all of the sibling were together in quite some time (years perhaps). Hannah loved spending time with her aunties!  :o)

And after all of the excitement, Hannah was ready to crash! It was a busy week of opening gifts for her! :oP

I hope you all had a great Christmas...surrounded by the ones who mean most to you! I still can't believe it is all over!  :o(


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