Christmas at the Zoo

On monday we headed down to Indianapolis to go to Christmas at the Zoo.  My sister and brother-in-law live in Indy so we stayed the night at their place.

This was Hannah's first real 'vacation' where she stayed the night at someones house where it wasn't our house or her grandparents house. So we had to load up the pack n play so she could sleep in that.  No worries though, Hannah slept fine...she got her 12 hours of beauty rest that night! The kid takes after her father, that is for sure!

Hannah also slept the whole 2:45 hours on the way there (and on the way home) and was absolutely fabulous at the Zoo. The poor thing was bundled up in mittens, hat, coat and blankets but she was a champ and enjoyed seeing all of the animals.

She saw the tigers and even said her version of the word 'cat' and pointed at them. A seal stopped at the glass a stared/talked to Hannah for almost 30 seconds. It was kind of weird because I really do think the seal was talking to Hannah. His whiskers were moving like he was talking. :oP

Then it got dark and my sister met us there...we walked around and enjoyed all of the lights while drinking a hot chocolate. yummy!

(the gardens)

(the zoo)

It was good times! I'm glad we went down there and I'm even more glad that my brother-in-law works at the zoo and got us in for free!  :o) Hey, its the little things, right!? :oP

It was great to finally see my sister's place. She has lived there for 2 year and this is the first time we had been there to see them. We'll have to go back down in the summer though when it is warm and all of the animals are out at the zoo! :o)


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  1. We love the the zoo! We went to the Indy Zoo for Boo Zoo and the boys loved it! It looks really pretty though for Christmas. During the summer the butterflies are there and its really cool.


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