Christmas #1-Mom's Side

This past weekend was one of 4 christmases that we have/go to. This one was for my mom's side. My mom always hosts christmas at her house so I headed over there around 1 to help cook and set everything up.

Here is the table.

I made these yummy peppermint meltaway cookies.

We always have to take a picture of us like this! :oP Sadly though, we did not get a family picture... :o( ah well, I'm sure we'll manage to get one at one of the three other christmases we're going to! :oP

Hannah opening a gift from grandma and grandpa!

Little People!

Hannah and daddy.
Notice the toy in her hand! :oP

She loved her little people toys. (good thing because she is getting more from Santa!)

And I just thought this picture was cute!

This weekend we go to my grandparents house for christmas with my dad's side.


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