Kindergarten--The Verdict


Me: So, did you have a good first day?

Hannah: No, it was better than good, it was GREAT!


Me: How was school today?

Hannah: It was better than yesterday!

So, I think it is safe to say that Hannah is really enjoying school! That definitely makes it easier for this momma to have her baby be gone all day.

She gets off the bus everyday with a huge smile on her face and telling the bus driver that she'll see her tomorrow. :o)

Aside from being sad that my first baby is gone all day, I was sort of stressing out about Hannah's lunches. Hannah is a picky eater and I don't want her to get stuck in a lunch rut. But so far she has been eating most everything I pack in her lunch box.

I've done pb&j, a bagel, a muffin, and an English muffin as her main food. Then I've combined that with cheese and grapes, or rice chips and apples, or veggie straws and an apple sauce pouch. Plus, I'll put in a special little treat--either a cookie or some fruit snacks or something.

Granted her lunch is heavy on the breakfast side, but I am still pretty happy with the balance of foods she is getting.

I just wish she would eat some type of lunch meat so I could do sandwiches or skewers or something. :o/ Who knows, after a while she might see the things other kids are eating and want to try new foods.

Hannah is pretty much gone from 7:30-2:45 and I can tell she is tired when she gets home, so she is definitely still adjusting to being at school all day. But at least she is loving it!

And last night was our first night of doing homework so that was exciting.

The first of many evenings helping her at the kitchen table. :o)

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  1. Aw! So glad she loved it! She's so grown up!

  2. I'm so glad she is loving school! And you never know, she may see all the other kids eating different foods and want to give them a try!

  3. Yay! Go Hannah!!! So glad she loves school. Only 12 more years to enjoy. Ha ha! :)


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