Mercer, Wisconsin--Fishing Pics

Last week we went on our family vacation to Mercer, Wisconsin--a place I went ever year with my family.

I was so excited to take our kids to a place that I love.

They were super excited to get out on the boat and fish so we wasted no time!

I went with them and my dad their first time out so I was able to get some pics of them fishing.

They both caught a few little fish their first time out.

Here is Colson's first fish.

He caught about 3 fish and then lost interest but he did very well!

Here is Hannah's first fish.

We had to get a picture of Hailey at least on the boat--but no worries, we didn't take her out on the lake. She's still a bit too small. Next year maybe!

Nick went out fishing with the kids, too.

And then papa took each kid out by themselves.

My dad used to do this with me and my sister when we were little so I wanted my kids to be able to go out and do the same thing. It definitely brought a smile to my face just seeing how excited they were to be out in the boat with papa! :o)

On Hannah's trip out with papa she actually ended up catching her first Northern! She was so proud! :o)

The kiddos definitely loved fishing! 

And I love that they love fishing! :o)

They have already asked about going next year so hopefully everything works out and we're able to go!

Next week--petting zoo pics and other random vacation photos.

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  1. It sounds like you guys had a great time! And way to go kiddos on catching the fish!!!


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