Maternity Clothes

I am not a super huge fan of maternity clothes. Sure, I like the pants...who doesn't like stretchy waisted comfy pants??? But the tops...a lot leave something to be desired. Maybe it's my larger boobs and the tops just don't fit right? Maybe I'm too picky? I don't know.

Either way though, that doesn't exclude the fact that I desperately need some new summer maternity tops. The ones I have from when I was pregnant with Hannah no longer fit. (Thanks extra 8 pounds a larger boobs!) So I am going to have to go out and find some tops that will fit over the ever-growing bump because I can't live in my Old Navy Hoodie all summer.

Here are some things that I have found that are mostly budget friendly. After all, I will only be wearing them for this summer so it doesn't make sense to spend tons of money.

These are all from Old Navy (click on photo to go to the webpage).

Not bad. Still quite a bit of money for only 5 shirts but I think Old Navy is about as cheap as they come. Plus, they always have sales so hopefully one comes along and I can get a few of these. Sadly, none of these shirts are at the closest store that carries maternity (go figure) so that's kind of a pain. Although I shouldn't be surprised...the store only has a super small maternity section...and really, it shouldn't event be called a 'section' because it consists of 2 racks. :o/

Where have you found cute and affordable maternity clothes?

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  1. My 'go to' maternity items are ribbed tanks. Especially for summer. They are comfy and easy and you can wear them after baby is born. They don't look maternity. My favorite are from Gap and are reasonably priced. I would maybe get a few shirts you could wear out of the house, but then have the items to be comfy. Dresses and skirts are big for me this pregnancy. Easy and comfy. What about making some maxi skirts or dresses? It will be cheaper than buying them.

  2. Target!! they have some cute dresses right now....although i had to order 5 and take 4 back to find ones i like. the closest target is over an hour away.

    but i like old navy, too. although, two of the maternity shirts i bought got holes in them almost immediately...they were super thin and cheap. i think motherhood maternity is crazy expensive, but i like to have one or two nice shirts.

    oh! and babies r us now has maternity clothing. they are expensive full price, but the clearance is reasonable. i bought a pair of jean, a shirt/pants pajama set, and a cute shirt for less than $50.

    i hate kohls maternity section. it's a joke. my sister works at the jcpenneys in valpo and they have a small maternity section there.

    this is officially the longest comment ever. :)

  3. Definately watch the old navy sales. I got 40% off once and free shipping. I'll send you any emails I get since I now get the maternity ones all the time. I've enjoyed the tops I got from old navy my last pregnancy.
    Also for just around the house or walks/park/store trips....tanks and t shirts from Target. They are comfy and long. Plus you can wear them after the pregnancy and no one will know. Plus they seem to fit my huge boobs well.


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