Bump Comparison

Today, I am 19 weeks pregnant...which more than likely means I am halfway through with this pregnancy (if I am induced 2 weeks early like the other two).

So, I thought it would be fun to do a bump comparison between all of my pregnancies.

So, there they are. Thoughts? My thoughts are that I would love to go back to my skinnier days when I was pregnant with Hannah! Haha! :oP But no, seriously, I am not seeing any strong indications as to whether I am carrying a boy or a girl this time because I felt like my bumps pretty much looked the same with Hannah and Colson.

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  1. Yay for the pics! You look great!

  2. From your pics, I'd say you look like you're carrying a girl. Your belly looks fuller at the bottom with the girls and more evenly round with Colson. If that makes sense?! :) My vote is girl!

  3. I agree with Courtney you look more like you did with Hannah.


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