Boobs and Bras--Yeah, I'm Going There!

I am not one too get too too personal on my blog, but I am having some real issues right now in the boob and bra department so I thought writing about it might help--either myself or someone else...

So here it goes. I hope you can follow me.

I have always been decently 'endowed' in the chest department. A 34C in high school has only gotten bigger with some weight gain, two pregnancies and now current third pregnancy.

Before this pregnancy, I was sporting a 36DD bra. That size seemed fine. I didn't really have too many issues with it--just some slight band ride up in the back. But as I progressed with this pregnancy, my boobs got a bit bigger but more importantly, quite a bit heavier. The 36DD was no longer comfortable or supportive so I attempted to find some new bras.

My thinking was to go up to a 36DDD (gasp!) to fit the girls a bit better, so I tried a few on at the store. Nothing was really fitting comfortably so I tried on a few 38DD bras. Those seemed to be a bit better so I got those. However, after a few hours in my new 38DD bras, I knew that they were not what I needed. The underwire was poking into my armpit and the back was riding up. What the heck!?

I was frustrated, mad, sad, and annoyed. I felt uncomfortable and I dreaded every time I had to get dressed. It put me into a crappy depressed mood and I hated it.

So I did some research online about bra fitting only to find out that I had it all wrong. Even in my pre-pregnancy 36DD, I was wearing the wrong size. The band was still too big. So I definitely did not want to go up a band size AND a cup size for my new bras.

I learned that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. The 'common' 36C size most women were wearing was wrong and most of those women should be wearing a 32-34D-F. What??? An F cup?

So I measured myself like the website said to (there are tons of websites out there and honestly I can't remember the one I used as it was a few weeks ago--but most use the bust measurement minus the under bust measurement to get the size) and I measured a 34G. Whoa! But then it all started to make sense. My band size was just too big and it wasn't staying put--it was riding up in the back and making the front sage. Ew!

I learned that for every band size you go down, you go up a cup size. So to go down a band size from my 36DD would be a 34DDD. Perfect! Now maybe just add a bit more for cup space and that takes me to the G cup size. We're getting somewhere--I think. Well, at least this gives me a better starting point.

But have you ever seen those sizes in the stores??? Yeah, not so much. So now we come to my current problem. (As if i wasn't having enough problems already!)

Where the heck do I find a bra that size???

Online. :o/

Shopping for bras in the store is hard enough, how the heck do you find a bra online? I can't buy 4-5 bras at one time to see if maybe one of them actually fits. Not all bras are created equal either. So, right now I am doing them one at a time. Highly annoying and not how bra shopping should be done, but that's all I can do right now.

I am frustrated and sad and have definitely had breakdown moments. Between my current 36DD bra that I am wearing and being uncomfortable, to now trying to find a bra in the size that I actually need... I just want to be done. :o(

Right now I am getting ready to exchange my second bra that I ordered online for another one. Maybe this one will work. Maybe it won't. We'll see. I have to find one eventually, right!?

So there you have it. I'm not really sure what the purpose of this post was, other then to vent. But maybe in doing so, I have helped someone. ???

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  1. Did the new one come yet??
    Honestly I can only suggest specialty stores to find that big of a size. I've found them at Lane Bryant and Sonoma. I loved my bra from Sonoma! (There is a store in Indy) :)
    And I feel ya, I have on a 38 DDD....and will need a bigger one soon. :/

  2. I feel your pain. I've been there. Right now I am a 32G but my nursing bra was a 32H. If you have a Nordstroms close by- go there! They have excellent bra department with larger sizes. The prices are high but it's well worth it. I also recently found a UK website called that sells larger size bras. They ship to the USA and even have a returns facility here and the prices there with shipping from the UK were actually cheaper than Nordstroms!

  3. i feel your pain!!!!! why in the world don't they have bigger sizes in the stores? no wonder women wear the wrong size....we can find the right ones in the store.

    i have no real solutions. except, motherhood maternity has a pretty big selection of nursing bras in big cup sizes. i know you aren't pregnant enough to warrant nursing bras, but if you got some, you could keep using them after the baby comes.

    i do the thing where i order a bunch off the internet and send some back. it is NOT ideal, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  4. I cant really offer much advice as I'm not quite that "endowed" but I do know its hard to find a good bra. I got one last pregnancy from Motherhood that is a nursing bra but shaped kind of like a sports bra. No underwires. I love it and I wear it even when I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding. Its just comfortable. Goodluck and I hope you find one soon that fits the bill!!!

    And.....I love that you wrote about boobs and bras! Ha!


    Here is the bra I have from Motherhood. Its one of their best sellers. I have it in both black and white.


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