Doctors Appointments

The kiddos had their doctor's appointments yesterday.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I scheduled them both for the same time??? But my mom was able to go so that helped a lot! Otherwise, I might have gone crazy.

Anyways, here are Hannah's 4 year stats:

Weight:  37.8 lbs   61st percentile
Height:  41.5 inches   70th percentile

And here are Colson's 2 year stats:

Weight:  24.7 lbs   10th percentile
Height:  32.25 inches   5th percentile

So, yeah, my kids are pretty much opposites of each other.

The doctor said that if they continue to be close to the same percentiles as they get older, Hannah is looking to be about 5'7"-5'8" and Colson will be 5'6"-5'10" with the 5'10" being if he goes through a rather decent growth spur when he's older.

I know those are all just estimates but I think they will be close to those numbers. 

Hannah is already getting too tall for her 4T pants so I knew she was going to be up there in the percentiles for height. 

And well, Colson...he is just small. Has been since he was 1 year old and it wouldn't surprise me if he stayed on the smaller side.

But they are both healthy and right on track developmentally and that's really all that matters! :o)

They won't go back now until Hannah is 5 and Colson is 3.

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  1. My doctor always said I'd be 5'7, yeah that didn't happen.... :) And I'm buying Mackenzie 3t pants, but her 18/24 month summer stuff fits in the waist, but if they were pants they be too short! Guess she'll be tall and skinny like Hannah! :)


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