5 Things

I saw this over on my bestie, Sara's blog.

5 things...

...you will find in my purse

1. Lipgloss or Chapstick

2. My wallet or at least my license and debit card

3. Aspirin

4. A pen

5. My phone

...you will find in my bedroom

1. Clothes on our dressers because they are way too small (they were my childhood dressers--we really need some larger dressers!)

2. Photos of Hannah. We are bad parents and have not updated the photos in our frames to include Colson :o(

3. Chapstick on my side table

4. Ponytail holders on my side table

5. Hampers

...I've always wanted to do

1. Travel somewhere west of the Mississippi River. Every vacation I have ever been on has been east the the Mississippi.

2. Canopy glide through the rainforest.

3. Work for Disney as an animator

4. Go on a little trip with my bestie--just the two of us-- to somewhere fun.

5. Go on a family vacation where our parents and siblings came along--maybe a cruise or renting a beach house

...I'm currently loving

1. Cadbury eggs

2. Old reruns of Boy Meets World

3. Julep

4. My new camelback bottle I got at Target today

5. That the kiddos play together

...quirks I have

1. I always have to have Chapstick or a lipgloss with me.

2. I hate doing laundry and I will keep on running it through the dryer just to avoid having to fold them

3. If I mess up while writing a list, I must rewrite the whole list over. I can't stand scribbled out things.

4. I love to start new projects but I have a hard time finishing them.

5. I have this deep desire to be organized but I have no idea where to even begin. So therefore our house remains rather cluttered because I have to idea where to put half of our crap.

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  1. This is why we are besties!! Te quirks list could be my list! Also I thought about a vaca with my bestie for the want to do but already had so many travel items. :)

    1. :o) One day we'll be able to go on a vacation together.


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