A Rustic Barn Party

Colson's birthday party is just 2 days away and I am busy getting everything together!

I still need to do some last minute grocery shopping and some last minute decorations but I feel good about where everything is right now.

I do not have tons of food prep this go around so that is really going to help the stress level! :o)

Here is the menu:

The Dairy Farm: assorted cheeses and crackers

The Cow Pasture: meatballs

The Chicken Coop: BBQ deep fried chicken wings

The Pig Pen: hotdogs wrapped in croissants

Chicken Feed: Chex Mix and carmel popcorn

The Vegetable Garden: assorted veggie with dip

The Apple Orchard: mini apple pies and apple pie pops, along with Colson's red velvet birthday cake

The Watering Hole: pop and lemonade

And here are some ideas that I pinned so you can get an idea of the feel I am going for. :o)

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

I will definitely post photos from the party next week (flannel and all!) so be sure to check back! :o)

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