Photo Slacker

Sometimes I feel like I don't take enough photos of Colson.

When Hannah was born, that is all I would do... I would take a photo of every little thing.  I want to do the same thing with Colson, it's just that when there is a 2 and a half year old running around next to you, it's kind of hard to take photos.
There are days that go by and not a single picture is taken of Colson.. or of Hannah for that matter. I know I can't take photos of my kids everyday, that would kind of get boring since we do pretty much the same thing everyday. But Colson is only 4 months old and he is changing so much. Before I know it he will be sitting up on his own and then crawling. I want to capture all of his baby-ness before it's gone. I did that with Hannah. I have more photos than I know what to do with. I find myself slacking with Colson.
This makes me sad.
I want all of the same things for both of my children. If I took 200 photos of Hannah doing something, I want 200 photos of Colson as well.
So I have made a promise to myself to be better at taking photos of Colson. He deserves to have his crazy mom take just as many photos of him as she did for his sister. :o)
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  1. Yeah there is a full album plus of photos of me as a brother, maybe a half. It's cause your busy.


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