4 Month Well Baby Visit

And when I say 4 month stats, I actually mean his 10 days shy of 5 months stats. 

I'm not sure how Colson's appointments got pushed back so far but they won't let me try to adjust them. The pediatricians won't let me bring him in a week or two earlier for his 6 month check-up so his 6 month check-up is actually 2 days shy of his 7 month birthday. :o/ I don't know...

Anyways, here is the little man waiting to see the pediatrician.

And now on to the stats:

Weight—14 lbs 5 ounces
(+2 lbs 9 ounces from his 2 month appointment)
40th percentile

Height—23 3/4 inches
(+1.5 inches)
10th percentile

Head Circumference—41.7 cm
(+2.3 cm)
40th percentile

Dr. Campbell said everything look perfect!

She said I can start him on solids whenever I want but its not mandatory until the 6 month mark. We started Hannah on rice cereal a week or two before her 6 month birthday and her first veggie right at 6 months so I think we will do the same with Colson. He doesn't seem to be starving and he is sleeping 8+ hours at night so the doctor said that it would be fine to wait like that.

This go around I plan on making my own baby food. With Hannah I just bought pre-made baby food but I am excited to give the baby food making a try. A separate post will come when we get closer to time and I actually start making things.

And just for comparison, here are Hannah's 4 month stats. But please note that these were 1 day after her 4 month birthday (unlike Colson's which were a whopping 21 days after his 4 month birthday)

weight 14.9 lbs (75th percentile) 
height 24 inches (45th percentile)
head 40.1 cms (25th percentile)

So Hannah weighed a bit more that Colson even despite the timing difference of Colson's being taken quite a bit later. Height and head were pretty close to the same though.

I was guessing that Colson weighed about 15 and a half pounds so I was way off. Nick said 14 and 3/4 pounds and my mom said 14 and a half...so once again my mom is dead on with her guesses. I don't know how she does it, but she is always the closest. :oP

There was a little 2 week old girl there today during the same time and she was so tiny. I can't believe how big Colson's is getting. I have already forgotten him in the tiny newborn stage and that makes me so sad...

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  1. I want to make baby food for Mackenzie. So definitely keep us posted on what you find works!!

  2. It's so easy!!! You'll love it because you can make a bunch at one time and freeze them in ice cube trays. Then put it in a bowl on the counter to thaw. Plus, Hannah can help you do it. Some things you dont even have to cook and puree, like banana, avocado, etc. Have fun!!


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