Big Sister, Hannah

Hannah has done really well with the addition of her new baby brother. I think just like any little kid, she still strives for attention. When we're not giving her enough she can get a little jealous. But it hasn't been anything too serious. I think it helps that her brother is a sleeper just like she right now we're able to play with her pretty easily.

First family photo. 
Hannah wasn't too sure about him at first.

But then she warmed up to him.

And even gave him a goodnight kiss.

Hannah has shared her toys with her brother...or as she calls him 'baby Colson'.

She will help me turn his swing on and will even bring me a blanket for him.

She is a great big sister!

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  1. Awe I love the last picture! Congrats again Jen!

  2. I agree, the kissing picture is too sweet! I'm glad Hannah's adjusting well and everyone's settling in to the new routine.

  3. I LOVE my grandchildren! They are sooooo adorable! Thank you Nick and Jen for blessing our lives with Hannah and Colson!

  4. I think that's the good thing about having a girl first - they love to help mommy take care of babies :o))


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