1 Week Old

Colson is already one week old. I can't believe it.

Yesterday was my first day home alone with 2 kiddos. It went really well. I guess it helps that Cole sleeps ALL THE TIME. That allowed me tons of time to play with Hannah and keep her occupied. Hopefully, each day that passes it just like yesterday. :o) I think I will be able to handle that!

And because I am always curious as to what girls look like right after they have their baby, I decided to take a 1 week postpartum belly photo. I never did that with Hannah so I don't have a photo for comparison but I'll post it next to my 37 week belly photo.

I'm not sure how much weight I've lost, but I can tell that I still have a fat face (this photo is so not flattering but I didn't feel like taking 20+ photos to get a 'good' one). The swelling in my hands, feet and legs has pretty much disappeared so that is good...to bad it has been replaced by super large boobs. Ugh!

I have a follow-up doctors appointment next Tuesday to check my blood pressure, so I'm sure they with take my weight as well. Hopefully the scale will become my friend again. :o)

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  1. What is Colson sleeping in? I don't want even bigger boobs....isn't DDD big enough?!
    And I think you look.good.

  2. OMG, are those cute pics! Colson is a total DOLL! I love his chubby lil cheekers! He is so cute! Hannah and him look so much alike. You look GREAT too! Hope all is well! XO

  3. You are so thin!!!! Love all the pics! They do look a lot alike.


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