1.  I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and everything looks good. I scheduled my last ultrasound for next Wednesday. I also found out that my doctor only does inductions on Wednesdays so he said I will either be induced on February 2nd or February 9th, it just depends on how everything 'looks'. Unless of course my blood pressure decides to go even more crazy and then he said he might induce on January 26th. I will have my first internal to see if I'm making any progress at my 37 week appointment...so in 2 weeks. That is when he will decide what Wednesday we will induce. Holy crap, we're getting close!

2.  I have started packing our hospital bag, as well as Hannah's bag. Hannah will be staying at her grandparent's house for at least 2 nights so I need to make sure she's got everything she needs clothes and diapers-wise. I've already got Colson's coming home outfit packed as well as another cute outfit. I have pulled together the toiletries that I can pack up now and I have those is a little case. Some things I won't be able to pack until last minute. I still need to ask Nick what he wants to take clothes-wise. I think last time he just wore the same clothes the whole time... I need to pack some comfy pants and tops but those will probably be last minute as I don't have many things to wear right now that cover my belly. I'll just have to throw these things in the morning of. But we're getting there. I just don't want to be caught of guard should a surprise occur! :o)

3.  As time gets closer to us meeting our little boy, I am torn with different emotions. I am so excited to meet our son but I am sad about what it might do to Hannah. I want nothing more than for her to know that she is loved just as much after Colson comes as she is loved right now. She will forever be our little (and only) princess and I don't want her to feel like she is being replaced or pushed aside because of this new little person joining our family. It absolutely breaks my heart to think that she might feel that way. I am treasuring all of the moments where she wants to sit on my lap or when she comes up to me and gives me a hug and a kiss. I almost cry every time I tuck her into bed and she tells me 'sweet dreams mommy'. I am so afraid that she might not want to be around me when I am holding Colson because of jealousy. She is the light of my life. We are truly blessed to have sure a wonderful daughter. I only hope that she can see just how much we love her...even after Colson comes.

4.  It is weird to think that in 4 weeks we will be holding our little man. This pregnancy sure has flown by! And while I have definitely been more uncomfortable this go around, I will be sad when it is over. We are 99% sure we are finished having children. Our family will be complete when Colson arrives. So it will be weird to experience all of the milestones with Colson because they will be the last time we experience them. This will be the last time we have a little tiny newborn. But I can't wait to begin our lives as a family of 4! What an exciting journey it is going to be!

5.  And just because I feel like I haven't done a very good job with posting lately, i will leave you with some photos of my little girl. :o)
Her hair is sooooo long! It's crazy!

  Giving a little attitude. She's one sassy thing!

  I told Hannah to say cheese and this is what I got. Not the most pleasant face...


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  1. I think the same thing about Lexi. She might be a cat but she is my first baby. :oP I'm scared she will hide and when she finally comes out she will hate me. I also worry how she will be with the visitors. I'm already planning how to make her comfy. :o) Makes me sad to think about it.

    Hannah will be fine I'm sure. She has all her grandparents and aunts and uncles to help her. And help you have alone time with her.


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