34 Week Belly Bump

Here is my 34 week bump photo.

And just a little comparison between my two pregnancies.

I thought for some reason I was really huge compared to what I looked like with Hannah at this point...but after doing this side-by-side comparison, I actually think I look comparable in size. Is it just me?

Either way though, I feel huge and I am definitely more uncomfortable at this point then I was with Hannah. It's amazing how your body reacts after the muscles have already been stretched. I feel like an old lady.

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  1. I think its all in our minds because I think I look like I'm 30 weeks and I'm only 13.
    I think you look great.
    And don't worry I'm ready for our baby to be born. Maybe I'll enjoy pregnancy more when the baby moves.....ha!

  2. I think you look cute and very similar to when you were pregnant with Hannah. I only made it 2 1/2 weeks longer with bennett and I could tell a different with how uncomfortable I was with him. How hard it was to breath and move.

    In just a short time it will be over. :)


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