36 Week Baby Bump

Here is my 36 week bump with a side of 'fat face'.

And don't be jealous of my awesome pajama pants! I will be rocking these in the hospital!

Now for a comparison photo...

I definitely think I am carrying higher with Colson, or at least I think this comparison makes it look that way. But in this comparison I am also more fat with Colson than I was with Hannah so I don't know if it's just the weight difference— I've got an extra 8 pounds on me right now. (EW!)

And on a more random note—this comparison makes me want to go back to my blonde highlight days...I miss my blonde hair. :o(

At my ultrasound today the technician said he was very low...we weren't able to get a picture of his face. And 'very low' is VERY good. Hopefully that means at my appointment next week there will be some progress and Feb 2nd will be Colson's eviction date! My doctor said he is hoping for a 38 week delivery and I've been having some stronger non-painful contractions/braxton hicks for about a week so I think we're looking good!

My blood pressure was a little high at my appointment but it was fine during the non-stress test. There was also a bit of protein in my urine. But my doctor isn't concerned though since we plan on delivering early anyways. He said it's better to have the baby in my arms and know he's doing well, than to wait. I couldn't agree more!

We are so ready to meet you, Colson!

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  1. sounds like there is a slight chance of colson being born very soon (before Feb 2nd) without induction???

  2. Oh, I hope not! I think Feb 2nd is a good day. He better stay in until then. He better not give us any more surprises! :oP

  3. I think you are higher. Which gives me more hope that I'm having a girl. Doctor said at my last apt that the baby is low. So we will see.....I can't wait till Feb!!!

  4. I think you look super cute Jen!! Just remember that it will be over sooner rather than later and you won't ever feel like you have a fat face again! :) Enjoy these last few weeks before the chaos of two little ones begins.

  5. I think you look Beautiful!


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