Pillow Pets

Ever since I saw the infomercial for Pillow Pets, I knew I wanted to get one for Hannah. Well a few weeks ago, I found out that Walgreens was going to start selling them in their stores. I thought: PERFECT! Now I won't have to order it online. Plus I would be able to see one in person before I bought it. And with Hannah's 2nd birthday a little over 2 months away I figured I would get it as a birthday present.

Well, it turns out that I would be buying it a little sooner than I had expected!

We went into Walgreens the other day only to come face to face with this:

Buzzy Bumble Bee was right at the front of the store and it caught Hannah's eye! She started saying 'bumble bee, bumble bee' so I handed it to her. She instantly gave it a big hug and laid her head on it. After I let out a huge sigh, I knew that we would be walking out of the store with it in our hands.

So, I caved and bought Hannah a birthday present 2 months early. I'll just wrap it the day of her party and she can re-get the pillow. She'll never know the difference!  Right!? :o/

But she is so cute with it. She will talk to it and ask it questions...she will even answer for the bumble bee! It is so cute. I will definitely have to try to get some video and pictures of Hannah with her new friend! :o)



  1. Ha! I see that infomercial all the time and I actually saw the other day that Walgreens sells them. I've always wondered about them. Are they good quality? I think they say you can wash them, I wonder how that would turn out. :)

  2. They seem really good quality--although they do have plastic beady eyes. But they even have a flap that will go over the velcro so it doesn't collect fuzz! :oP And yes, the tag says you can wash them...but to only air dry them.


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