'Big Sis'

Let's backtrack to Father's Day, shall we!?

I don't think I ever shared how we told our families that we were expecting a new addition (I'm a slacker) so I wanted to post about it today. :o)

Here's how we shared the news:

We had everyone over for dinner at our house on Father's Day. When it came time for the dads to open their gifts, we told them that Hannah had to go get them from her room. The week before I had made a shirt for Hannah that said 'Big Sis'. So once we got into her room we quickly put the shirt on and she came back out into the living room wearing it. It was so great to see everyones reaction! :oP It was perfect!  A part of me wishes that we would have gotten it on film but between keeping the secret and getting the shirt on Hannah without anyone noticing, we decided to forgo the videotaping.

I did manage to get a few photos of Hannah wearing the shirt that day, but at the time that I took these photos, she was too interested in the sunglasses. Ah well. I'll be sure to get some good photos of her wearing it at the hospital when she meets her new baby brother or sister! :o)

So that is how we shared the news. I know you were all dying to know!

Once we find out whether this baby is a boy or a girl, I will get started on the 'Lil Sis' or 'Lil Bro' shirt. :o)


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