I have decided that I will no longer acknowledge summer! I am going to start cooking cold weather food (soups, etc.), I am going to light my spice candle every day, and I am going to start wearing pants and sweaters.  Okay, okay, maybe the pants and sweaters thing is a little over the top...but I am definitely ready for some cooler weather.

This has gotten me thinking about clothes. :o)

I am excited for the fact that I will be pregnant during the winter this time. I think it is only fair to myself to get some new pajamas (on top of all of the new maternity clothes I am going to need to buy) know, to fit the ever growing belly. Maybe some nice fleece pjs would be good. Or some silky pajamas... because every pregnant momma deserves to feel sexy even in pajamas!  :oP

Here are a few things I have come across in my random internet searches for crap. :o)

I like this flannel set. And I think it would only be appropriate if I wore it exactly how the girl below is wearing them. There's nothing better than a pregnant belly and boobies hanging out of your flannel top.

I really love these lounge pants. They look so comfy!

Then there are these sexy silky pants. I'll put silk sheets on our bed and I'll be able to slide across it like a slip-n-slide! :oP

Okay, more realistically I'll probably just get a few things from Target. But sometimes it's nice to dream about some extra special (maybe extra pricey) pajamas. :o) Either way, I know I want to be comfy and warm this winter season so I definitely think some new pjs are in order!



  1. I love it! Your comments really made me laugh, you are a nut, little daughter-in-law of mine!! I especially loved your comments about the open pj top and the belly hanging out. Lets go shopping soon!

  2. You are a goof in this post! You must be in a really good mood. :o)
    And I was going to suggest Target and then you mentioned it. They always have really cute pjs! I always look at Sometimes you can find a good sale.


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