since we're talking about baseball...

Father's Day is fast approaching and I have known what I am getting Nick for a few months now.

And since we're talking about baseball I figured its as good a time as any to post this entry.

Like I wrote in my previous post, Nick is a diehard Yankees fan.  So for Father's Day I am getting Hannah and Nick matching Yankees shirts.  That way when he is watching a game they can wear their shirts together.  :oP 

But not only am I getting him the matching shirts, but I am personalizing them as well.

On the back of Hannah's I am getting her name and the number 08 (because that is the year she was born).

But I am kind of stumped on what to put on the back of Nick's shirt.  

Here are the options I have come up with so far:

1.  Since it's for Father's Day, I was thinking DADDY and the number 1... but then I was thinking that maybe Nick wouldn't want to wear that shirt out in public.  :o/  

2.  Then I thought maybe our last name or his first name with a number... but what number?  still number 1? or maybe 09 for the year of his first father's day?  08 to be the same as Hannah?

What do you think? Any suggestions?

I need help... and SOON because not only do I have to order the shirts but I have to iron the lettering and numbers onto the backs.



  1. My vote is for 08 to match Hannah or 1 because it's always a safe number to get. :) And I say "Nick" on the back of his, since Hannah will have her name on hers.

  2. I agree. I even asked Erin and he said Nick too. I have to say it's a GREAT idea! I'll have to store it in the back of my mind, since Erin also loves those Yankees.


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