8 Months

Our little butterfly is getting so big!  

Today Hannah is 8 months old.  I can't believe it.  I just want to cry.  

Where have the past 7 months gone?  How is Hannah already 8 months old?  People always say that the time flies and before you know it your little baby isn't a little baby anymore.  I have seen that first hand for the past 7 months. She has just been growing right before our eyes. And I knew that time was going by too quickly (I think I posted about her getting so big in every monthly update) but for some reason 8 months old just sounds old. It truly does make us sad that our little baby is quickly becoming a little girl but at the same time we are very excited.  

Our little girl is 8 months old. She is sitting up on her own.  She is crawling (well its more like slithering) all around the living room.  She is talking up a storm.  She gets mad when she wants a toy and can't get to it.  She smiles and gets excited every time we walk into the room.  

With 8 months comes a whole new world for Hannah (and for her mommy and daddy). She is definitely becoming a little person, with a personality all her own. No longer are the days where we can leave the room and know that when we come back she is still laying on her blanket.  No longer are the days where our house is ours... it is now Hannah's.  There will be nothing under the coffee table or on the fireplace for her to pull down onto herself. There will be no more leaving the room without putting her in her pack and play to she doesn't bump her head on something. With 8 months comes a whole world of changes but they are changes that I welcome even though maybe a part of me (us) is sad that we are already to this point. *sigh* 

Happy 8 months Hannah!  Mommy and daddy love you!  You are getting so big!



  1. these pictures are too cute!!! :o)

  2. Happy 8 months Hannah!! Grandma and Grandpa love you!


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