New Car Seat

Since Hannah can sit on her own know we have been forgoing using the car seat attached to the stroller and have just been using the stroller seat.  Since we are no longer using the car seat for that purpose I figured it was time to get a different car seat. One that will last a bit longer.

After looking around on multiple websites, I think I have found the one I want to get.  It is the Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat.  It is the only car seat out right now (or at least that I could find) that allows your child to stay rear facing up to 40lbs. And once they exceed 40lbs. the seat changes to a front facing for up to 65 lbs.  Plus it is pretty reasonably priced at $150!

I can get this color at Babies R Us:

Or I can get this color at Wal-Mart:

I like the Wal-Mart one the best.  It's got the teal blue/grey color which makes it a little more girly than the other one. :o)

I know Wal-Mart does not carry it in stores so I would just have to order it without seeing it.  I'm not sure if the Babies R us here carries it in the store.  :o/ I would really like to see it in person before I buy it... hummmm...

It has gotten good reviews but does anyone have this car seat and care to share their thoughts on it?



  1. I don't know if they still do it but at bru you can put the car seat in your car to see if it fits. I've heard a lot of good things about that car seat in the baby formus I belong to on

  2. Ohhh I just saw this new carseat on a baby blog. I think it is so cool and I love that it goes up to 40lbs rearfacing. Plus, it looks super comfy. Let me know if you get it and how it is. :)

  3. I will! I'm really hoping we can get it in the next month or so... money permitting of course.

  4. We went to BRU today and I saw this carseat. They have a super cute girly one there. It looks like a great seat and I think it has like 4 or 5 shoulder slots. I would have got that seat if it had come out sooner.


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