Our friends had two extra White Sox tickets *gasp* and invited us to go along yesterday.  We of course said yes... I mean, it's free entertainment. 

Now don't judge because we went to a White Sox game.  I was an avid White Sox watcher back in the Robin Ventura, Ozzie Guillen, Frank Thomas days.  I would watch EVERY SINGLE GAME.  But now, I would have to say that I am more of a Cubs fan.  Maybe its because of all of their loyal fans out there that watch them no matter what... hoping that this season will be the season to end the streak? Maybe its because I'm a follower? I don't know.  Maybe I am a fan of both? WHAT!?  Is that even allowed!?  I'm guessing not.  :oP

Well, if I can't be a fan of both, then I will just root for the Yankees with my husband. Honestly, I probably watch more of their games because Nick always turns them on.

Anyways, back to the White Sox game.  We had AWESOME seats--1st row!  I, of course, had to get the ballpark hotdog!  YUMMY! And they won.  So all-in-all it was a really fun time!

Loved our seats!

My hubby.

My feet.  :oP  Notice NO ONE sitting in front of us!  :o)

Awwwwwww! We're so cute!



  1. *gasp* did you just post a blog?! :o)

    yeah...I just leave the room when Erin turns on the Yankees, you are better wife, than I'll be. :o)

  2. see... if you guys move here then the guys could watch the games together... and we could go shopping! :oP

    And not only did I post an entry today, I am getting ready to post another! :oP

  3. Oh my goodness I can't contain the excitement of another blog entry :oP

    Also, your husband and my soon to be husband might not like all the shopping we would do if we lived near each other. But I wouldn't mind it!! :o)


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