Hannah's First Swim!

Sunday we took Hannah over to her grandparents house for her first swim in the pool.  I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if she was going to like it or not, but just like everything else Hannah has tried, she loved it!  But she loves her baths so why wouldn't she love the pool??? She didn't cry once and she was even kicking her legs.  An olympic swimmer perhaps!?  

The mother-in-law and sis-in-law were awesome enough to take some photos! :o)

Daddy took Hannah in the water first.

Then mommy braved a bikini *gasp* and got in the water.
(notice the beautiful tan lines from the Taste of Chicago that morning...I might have gotten a little bit too much sun, but luckily I don't burn!)

The three of us.

Hannah being perfectly content in the water.

And of course, the grandma and aunties had to take their turn!  :o)


Auntie Alayna!

Auntie Mandi!

Auntie Kate... after the swim! 

All three Aunties!  :o)

And so you can see that Hannah was actually kicking in the water... here is a video!



  1. She looks like a pro! :)

    Thanks for the post :)

  2. I think olympic swimmer is a possibility!

    I have to say thanks for the post too! I needed a smile after my morning. :o)


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