Family Photo Outfits--2015 Edition

We had family photos taken yesterday. We lucked out with the weather! The past couple days had been grey and gloomy--so much so that we pushed our session back a day in hopes of some sunshine--and I'm glad we did because yesterday was sunny and perfect!

Now the kids--we'll miss sassy britches, Hailey was not super impressed with getting her pictures taken. At first she was all about it and cheesing for the camera but then she didn't want to be put down and was crying. So, we had to deal with that during session and by the end, I was just exhausted from trying to get her to stop crying and just give a little smile to the camera. :o/ 

I always come out of a session just hoping for one decent photo of all of us and then of just the 3 kids together and that is my hope again. We usually always get tons of nice photos but this time, with one crying, I am pretty nervous. :o/ 

But on to the outfits. Every year, I stress about coming up with the perfect combinations of outfits for everyone and this year was no different. I started planning for them back in August when I bought Hailey her Matilda Jane dress--the jumping off point. The rest of the outfits I kind of pieces together over the next few months.

I am happy with the outcome! I just hope they look as nice on us and in the photos and they did on my bedroom floor. :oP I guess we'll see soon! I am anxiously awaiting a sneak peak! :o)

Here are the outfit details: 
Hannah--dress-Old Navy, vest and boots-Target
Colson--shirt and pants-his closet, shoes-Sperry
Hailey--dress-Matilda Jane
Me--top-H&M, jeans-Marshalls
Nick--top and jeans-his closet, shoes-sketchers

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