Hannah's 7th Birthday Party

Hannah is 7.

What!? How is that even possible?

I thought 5 sounded old and now here she is--7! 

Hannah is such a smart and independent girl. She excels at school and loves to read. She is wanting to do more and more things on her own. She is wanting to have her own space more, instead of always playing with her brother and sister. It makes me sad but I know that is part of growing up. 

We celebrated her birthday with a fairy party. She had a blast. A few of her school friends came, as well as her family so it was a packed house full of love, excitement, and screaming kids! :oP

Here are some details of the party.

Goodie bag fun.

The cupcakes that the kids could decorate with 'pixie dust'.

The cake.

I made giant flowers to decorate the kitchen.

 And I made a giant tree to go over the food table.

We had a 'decorate your own fairy house' station which the kids absolutely loved. It was a big hit!!

Here are Hannah, Colson and Hailey's finished houses.  :o)

Then it was time for cake. I still can't believe I had to put a '7' on it!

It was a free for all when I told the kids they could decorate their own cupcakes. We actually ended up taking everything outside so the mess was out there and not in the kitchen. :oP

Finally, we ended with presents.

Hannah did a great job reading all of her cards!

So another birthday is in the books! We hope you had a great birthday, Hannah! From the looks of the photos, I think she did! :o)

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  1. What a cute party!! The tree is seriously AWESOME!! Good Job on it!!

    1. Thank you! It gave me some trouble but Hannah loved it so that's all that mattered!

  2. Cute party! One of my favorites! :o)


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