8 Years!

Flashback to 18 years ago--the last day of our freshman year of high school but the first day of our forever together! 

18 years together and today we celebrate 8 years of marriage! 

It hasn't always been easy, we had our ups and downs, but we were always led right back to where we belong--with each other. There is no one else I would want standing beside me in this life.

We have built a wonderful life--a life full of love and laughter with our 3 beautiful children.

I love all of our accomplishments and what we have created for ourselves. We are so very blessed. I am so very blessed! It has been a wonderful ride and it's only just begun! 

More today than yesterday!! 💜


  1. Happy Anniversary to both of you!! Have an amazing day! =)

  2. 8 years! YAY! Somedays it feels like we were just out of college yesterday.


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