Hailey's 2 Year Stats

Last week, I took Hailey for her 2 year well visit.

Here are her stats:

She weighs 25.2 pounds and is 32.25 inches tall.

She is up 4 pounds and grew 1.75 inches from her 18 month well visit.

In comparison to her brother and sister, she is about half a pound heavier than  Colson but pretty much the same weight as Hannah and 2.25 inches shorter than Hannah was but the exact same height that Colson was at 2 years old.

So, that explains why she can still wear 18 month pants like Colson could at 2. I'm not sure what we are going to do since all of Hannah's fall clothes were already 24 month and 2t pants. I'm either going to have to roll them up or buy a few more 18 month pants. My little shorty! :oP

But the doctor said that Hailey looks perfect so that's good. She is right on target for doing what a 2 year old should be doing!

She can use a fork and spoon.
She can stack blocks.
She loves to play with Colson's "vroom vrooms". 
She can jump and walk backwards.
She tries to drink from a cup--but sometimes wears more than she drinks.
She points to objects and will get them when we tell her to.
She talks all the time and will say short sentences: "I don't know." "Where Colson go?" "Apple juice please." "I take bath?", etc. Plus she can sing the happy birthday song.
She can count to 4 and sometimes higher if we've just said the numbers to her.
She will repeat letters of the alphabet back to us.
She loves Minnie Mouse.
She is obsessed with wearing her hair in a "pony" and wearing bows.
She eats a lot more things that the other kids did at this age--she's not so picky.
She loves chicken, Mac and cheese, all fruit, hot dogs, etc. but she is not a fan of eggs or PB&J.
She is seriously just so spunky and sassy...way more sassy than Hannah was. She can be very opinionated at times but she is also a snuggler. 
She loves her brother and sister and tries to do everything that they are doing.

We just love her to pieces!! 

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  1. Well looks like besides talking Ethans on track too. :o) He just started saying car - says it ALL the time and all gone. But knows what everything is and is very noisy - it's just a lot of sounds with expression right now. :o) Ethan grew a little and needs 24 month pants for length now but I have to roll the waist because they are too big. I wish these two could play together while the big kids were in school! :)


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