Decorating The Tree

Sorry about the delay in posting this...I have had it saved as a draft for like 2 weeks.

Anyways, on to the fun stuff...

We got the tree home and in the stand and then the next day Hannah helped me put the lights and garland on it while the two younger kiddos napped.

I kind of love that she is getting old enough to help me with stuff like this. Plus, she was so excited that she got to help me. :o)

When Colson woke up, he put the star on top of the tree. Since Hannah helped with the other stuff we agreed that it would only be fair to let him to do the star.

Then it was time for ornaments. 

This is the first year I let the kiddos hang quite a bit of them. I usually hang most of them and then leave 4 or 5 for them to hang. But like I said, Hannah is getting older and understands to not put them all in one spot so I figured Colson would follow along. And it's way more fun to have a huge pile of ornaments as opposed to hanging just 4 so I let them go to town.

I must admit...the controlling part of me had a very hard time with this and I may have 'suggested' a few good spots for them to hang some ornaments but otherwise they did pretty well. I, at least got to tackle the top and back of the tree and fill in missed areas. :oP

I think overall it turned out super!! :o)

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