Christmas Cookies

Yesterday and today we were Christmas cookie making fools!!

We started the day cutting out gingerbread cookies. Hannah had gotten a recipe from school so we tried it out.

Once we were done with those we loaded up and headed to my moms to cut out butter cookies.

After all of that, it was time to head home for naps.

Once the kids woke up though, we decorated the gingerbread men.

Mommy and daddy did the outline but the kiddos did the rest.

I think they turned out great!! :o)

Then today we headed back over to grandmas house to decorate the butter cookies.

Hailey kind of just ate the decorations. :oP

Here is one of my cookies. I have mad cookie decorating skillz. :oP

So not was definitely a cookie filled 2 days but the kiddos had a blast!! :o)

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Holy moly!!

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