Christmas Day!

The kids woke us up around 7:00...which was awesome since we told them when they woke up to come get us. I thought we had made a huge mistake telling them that and we were going to get a 5am wake-up call. But 7 wasn't too bad. :o)

The kiddos were very excited to open gifts. This was the first year they were truly ecstatic and jumping up and down saying "Santa came, Santa came!". It was pretty awesome.

So we wasted no time and tore right into stockings and presents.

Christmas really is way more fun with kids! :o)

After we were done opening gifts at our house, we headed to Nick's parent's house for breakfast and more presents.

We have toys and boxes all over our house. It is a complete mess and needs some major organizing, but the kiddos are loving every minute of the toy explosion that is going on in our house. :o)

It's crazy to think that it's already over though. It makes me sad. We have ready taken down our tree and decorations and our house looks so...boring. :o( 


  1. Our house is boring too. I miss Christmas decor so bad! Looks like a wonderful Christmas day though! I'm such a crazy neat freak (sometimesssss) that on Christmas morning after all the wrapping paper is in the trash, we open everything they love, put it together and trash the boxes. We were so on point this year that after waking up at 8, opening gifts and getting ready, everything was done by noon so we left for Christmas with our families and came home to a clean house! I'll probably do that every year from now on, made things so easy and less stressful! Happy New Years eve!!!

    1. So jealous!! We still have toys in their boxes...that's how many they got. Ugh. Today I am going to try tackling organizing everything. :o/ hopefully it goes well.

  2. my kids slept until almost 8! They NEVER sleep in! :o)
    Looks like a fun Christmas. I'm glad to have more toys for them to stay entertained, it's been a nice week so far of them playing by themselves. Too bad I'm not taking advantage and packing or something. :o) Also, I got rid of ALL the baby toys and toys they don't ever play with except to make noise before Christmas, but I still wouldn't mind more bins. I think I'm going to make bin tags to help Mackenzie know how to 'pick up' according to my wishes. :o)


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