Miss Hailey's Birth Story

Last Monday (the 9th) I had a doctors appointment. My doctor checked me and I was already 4cm dilated. He joked that he could just send me to the hospital right then and I could deliver. But since I was only 36 weeks and 5 days (technically premature) he obviously did not send me to the hospital. He did say that he wouldn't be surprised if I didn't make it to my induction on the 18th though!

I left my appointment fully thinking that this baby's birthday would be the 18th!

On the way home I noticed some cramping. Not really thinking too much of it because my doc did just check me.

An hour later, still cramping.

Two hours later, still cramping and coming about every 5 minutes.

I started to get really nervous.

I decided to write and post Hannah's first day of school, all while having what I now know were contractions. I then decide to finish packing up our hospital bags--just incase, as well as the kiddos bag to take to their grandparents.

We're now about 3.5 hours into cramping and contractions and I call Nick to tell him to not work out after work, because I think we might be heading to the hospital. After having Colson in 3.5 hours, I didn't want to wait too long before heading to the hospital.

Nick gets home and I am still having contractions so I told him we should head to the hospital. By this time it was about 5:30.

In the back of my mind, I totally though I would get to the hospital and they would laugh at me and send me home. But they hooked me up to the monitors and sure enough, I was having contractions pretty regularly. But since I was still rather early and the contractions were not painful, they didn't do much but keep an eye on my contractions. By late that evening I was officially checked into the hospital but the nurses still weren't sure if I would end up with a baby or if I would be sent home. The plan was to labor through the night and wait for my doctor to come in the next morning.

So we hung out in the hospital that night. The contractions did start to get more painful and I had progressed slightly to 4.5-5cm but the contractions were becoming less frequent and more sporadic. I decided to get some pain meds in hopes of them allowing me to get some rest, but no luck. I was up all night.

My doctor came in the next morning around 7:30 and he checks me--5cm. He explains that technically I am early and the baby would be premature--by 1 day--because 37 weeks is considered full term. He said I can either lay in the bed for another day or 2 and let things progress how they may, or he could just break my bag of water and I could deliver before lunch. He said that some early babies might have some trouble breathing and eating but that since I was so close to the official 'full term', he would feel fine with getting my labor going.

So I took the breaking my water option. This happened about 8:00 and since I was already 5 he said I could get the epidural as well. By 9:00 I was comfortable and happy.

I was checked again, I believe sometime around 10-10:30 maybe but hadn't really progressed, so they started pitocin.

After spending a couple hours flipping from side to side and getting a bit of sleep, I was checked again and I was 9cm. It was now around 12:00 and my doctor was on his way!

I also want to state that this was the first time we had family in the delivery room with us (our moms and sisters) so it was extra special to share this with them! Plus, we got some photos that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise. :o)

Now, I will warn you that I am going to post some photos during Hailey's birth. There are no 'gross' photos, but I did convert them to black and white for you to hide anything that could be  considered gross.

Okay, on to the photos!

Getting all set to go! (Take note of the time-- 12:26!)


IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!
born at 12:36pm--after 2 contractions and less than 10 minutes worth of pushing! 

Daddy cutting the cord.

Since she was slightly early, she was breathing pretty fast after delivery. They had an NICU nurse come look at her but after about 10 minutes, she was given a clean bill of health!

I still can't believe we have another daughter! Our hearts overflow with love!

Our family is now complete! :o)

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  1. Such a beautful birth story! Sounds like everything went perfectly! So excited for you! Did you have to go on magnesium for your blood pressure at all?

  2. I love her birth story! And your family got some great photos for you! When we had Emma one of the nurses ended up taking our camera and getting some great photos for us...I delivered her via c-section so they are pretty graphic, so nothing I would share. But it's really neat to be able to have these photos!
    Hailey is perfect and so adorable! Glad your delivery went well, and that everything with her was fine! =) Now I need to just get through these next few weeks before we meet our little girl! Eeeekk!! =)

  3. ysy for Hailey being here! Hoping to have a 'good' birth story this time! Can't wait to meet her! :o)


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