Brother Love

Colson has been loving on his sister more and more with each passing day. He will ask if he can give her kisses or rock with me when I am rocking her. He likes to poke her 'chubby cheeks' and gets really excited when she opens her eyes.

I love that he is paying attention to his little sister. Hannah wanted nothing to do with her brother when he was born. I thought he would be the same since he is close to the age Hannah was when he was born but I have been pleasantly surprised. :o)

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  1. I have no idea how Mackenzie is going to be. I'm excited to find out! She actually wanted to see the 'baby' (amanda) this weekend at dinner but then when we got too close she got shy. I'm thinking when it's her brother she will be much more interested. At least I'm hoping....I know she will be a big helper! Maybe help too much....
    How are the blankets?? How many times did you wash to get them soft?

  2. Awww! =) Love the picture! I think Emma is going to be a great big sister, however I *know* she is going to be super jealous for a while. Since she has been our only child for the last 7's going to be a huge adjustment! Glad Colson is doing so well with Hailey! =)

    1. It might take Emma some time but she will be a great big sister and a great helper! You can tell already that she loves her little sister very much! :o)

  3. This makes me SO happy for you! I know you were worried about this! So glad it's going well. You are definitely killing me with all these super cute photos of the siblings... Doesn't help my baby fever at all!


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