Hannah's First Soccer Game

The weekend before Miss Hailey decided to make her arrival, Hannah had her first soccer game.

She did rather well considering this was the first time she has actually played.  She's just not too sure about taking the ball from the other players. She really just ran around behind everyone else. :oP But thats okay. She will learn in time and get better. The most important thing is that she had fun...and I think the thumbs up she kept on giving to us during the game proves that she had tons of fun! :o)

It was just really fun to watch her play. :o)

Since her first game, she has had two more games and she has improved significantly. She is actually going in after the ball and actually kicking it. I am very proud of her!

We ordered her soccer pictures this past weekend and this momma definitely order a button. I am one proud soccer mom! :o)

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  1. Too cute! I wish Emma had stayed with soccer...she just didn't like it. I had visions of becoming a soccer mom! haha =)

  2. Glad she's having fun! I loved playing soccer when I played. I can't wait to get Mackenzie on a soccer team, she's already a good runner/kicker.


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