Hailey's First Day

After we found out that the baby was a girl, the first person we called was Hannah. 

Whenever we would ask her what she thought the baby was, she would very excited say GIRL! I was actually a little nervous about it being a boy because I didn't want her heart to be broken. :o( 

But when we told her that she did in fact get a little sister, she was beyond excited. It was very cute. :o) 

When she was finally able to come up to see me and baby Hailey in the hospital, all she wanted to do was look at he baby and hug and kiss her. It was a far cry from how she reacted with Colson and not ever wanting to touch him after we brought him home! :oP

Here are our first family photos with Miss Hailey. :o)  

Me with all of my babies! My heart explodes with love! And I just love Hannah's face in this picture. It just goes to show you how truly excited she was to meet her sister.

Colson...yeah, this photo pretty much sums him up upon meeting his baby sister. Haha! :oP He has since started loving on her and giving her kisses and poking her "chubby cheeks".

Family of 5!
Me and my girls.
Here is the little miss all ready to go home. I am glad I bought this headband 'just in case'! :o)
And I just had to share Hannah's gifts to me and Hailey. So sweet!

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  1. Congrats on another precious girl! I love her name (I have a Hayley!) and her little headband. :)

  2. HAHA Colsons face with the hands on it! That will be Mackenzie! :o)

  3. The look on Colsons face is priceless! haha But I bet they are both great siblings to Hailey =) I love the headband too!!!


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