Friday Ramblings

1. Since it is September (yeah, um, when did that happen?) I think it is time to bring out my Fall decorations. I don't have much but I really refuse to acknowledge Summer anymore! Bring on the pumpkin candles!

2. Speaking of Fall, this weekend I think I am going to go through the kiddos clothes and pack away things that are too small. I know Hannah will need quite a few things for the colder months. Colson, geez, who knows what size he is going to be in? I need to by him some stuff but some12 month stuff is huge on him, others are too small, and most 18 month stuff is still ginormous. How do you buy for that? Ugh.

3. This weekend we are also going to go apple picking. Sadly, the apple crop is very bad this year because of the early spring, late frost, and the drought; but we are still going to go and support our local orchard and kick off the Fall season just like we have for the past 2 years! :o) the weather is supposed to be perfect so I can't wait!

4. Has anyone else noticed the re-runs of Boy Meets World on MTV2??? Man, I miss that show. I'm so glad they are replaying them! Now if they would just replay Home Improvement more often...

5. And because I have done a really bad job on posting photos, here are a few cute ones of the kiddos:

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  1. Glade has a great pumpkin candle!

  2. Boy Meets World is also on every morning from like 6-8 on I think abc family??? I'll have to check tomorrow morning for sure

  3. I love that you posted about Boy Meets World! I sooo loved that show! Home Improvement is probably one of my favorite all time past shows. My husband and I love to watch the Home Improvement Halloween episodes! Those are the BEST! =)


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