In the Spirit of Christmas

Since it is already December 2nd, I thought I would update my blog to be more in the spirit of Christmas!  :o)  

I just love christmas!  It is definitely my favorite holiday!  And although Hannah is too young to truly enjoy this years christmas, I'm sure next year will just be a blast! 

I have yet to start my christmas shopping, and we haven't gotten our tree.  Maybe we'll get our tree this weekend and I can start decorating it!  :o)  I just love the smell of a fresh evergreen tree!  And next year we'll be in our new house with our fireplace and we can get the smell of the firewood too!  AH Christmas!  :o)

I will leave you with a photo of our little girl!  I did a mini photo shoot yesterday and couldn't resist throwing in some christmas lights!  :o)



  1. She is just so adorable! :)

    How is the new house coming? Have they given you an estimate on when it might be done?

  2. Thanks! :o) Hopefully early February we'll be able to move in. They're putting the siding up right now and we should be doing drywall by next week, I think.


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