Looking Back

As I look back on my pregnancy and the recent weeks, I realize that there were things that I truly enjoyed and things that I missed or could have done without.

I enjoyed:

1.  feeling Hannah move inside of me.  It was such a surreal feeling but it was also the neatest thing ever! Especially when Nick felt her for the first time!  He got such an excited look on his face.

2.  finding out that we were having a girl and seeing her on the ultrasound for the first time.  I would have been happy either way but every girl wants a little girl of her own and I am so glad I have one to spoil!  :o)

3.  holding Hannah for the first time after my doctor place her in my arms.  She was so beautiful and tiny.  Nick and I were both crying.  It is a moment I will never forget!  

4. not getting any stretch marks!  I thought for sure that I would get tons of them, but I lucked out and didn't get any!

5.  having such an easy pregnancy.  I didn't have morning sickness or heartburn... and I didn't get all that huge.  It sometimes feels like I was never pregnant at all.

6.  not being visited my aunt flow every month!  It was wonderful!  :oP

7.  the excitement of being a mom.  It really is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  And I have the best husband who in turn is the best dad to our little girl!  Being parents is great!

I could have done without:

1.  not being able to drink coke.  I love my pop!

2.  not being able to eat sushi.  Oh how I missed my Indy roll!

3.  people saying hello to my belly before they said hello to me.  :oP

4. the pregnancy clothes.  Although the pants were elastic and quite comfortable, it was hard to find cute pregnancy clothes.  That and I love my normal clothes.  I miss my jeans.  

5.  the weight gain.  I gained 30 pounds, which is 'normal' but I have only lost half of that weight.  Again, I miss my jeans!  I will wear you again someday! 

6. people asking my how I was feeling.  I was pregnant, not sick and if you want an honest answer... I'm feeling fat!


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